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Recent systematic reviews and editorials suggest that many organizations that produce nutritional guideline recommendations do not adhere to internationally recognized standards.

The greatest relative burden from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer may result from or may be exacerbated by poor nutrition.  Despite the evidence that nutrition may play a major role in curbing the burden of chronic disease, clinicians typically, do not emphasize nutrition in their interactions with patients

The knowledge and time required to apply nutritional counselling in clinical practice comes with a unique set of challenges, including a lack of sufficient nutrition training in medical school and a lack of both time and financial compensation for offering counselling

Intense media coverage on what is often times low quality, non-systematic collection of evidence in the field of nutrition serves to compound the problem with a constant source of conflicting messages

Clinicians, including registered dietitians, require primary research and evidence to understand the available evidence; nutrition practice guidelines to provide the advice to the client.